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Hire Workers in Curacao

Looking to conquer the world of business without getting tangled up in international employment complexities?

Look no further than TCWGlobal! The best payrolling and global employer of record in Curacao.

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Fixed-Term Contracts

Fixed term contracts are permitted by law; the maximum duration is 3 years. Fixed term contracts may be renewed, but after a series of temporary employment contracts, each with an interruption of less than 3 months, the fourth contract automatically becomes a permanent employment contract ("permanent employment"). When fewer than 4 fixed-term employment contracts have succeeded each other with interruptions of no more than 3 months and these have together exceeded a period of 36 months (including the interruptions), permanent employment is created. A contract for 3 years or more can be extended 1 time for up to 3 months without automatically converting to permanent employment.

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Probationary Periods

Yes, and the maximum duration is two months. During a trial period both the employer and the employee have the right to terminate the employment agreement immediately without giving a reason and without taking into account any notice period.


11 days. New Year’s day; The day after the ‘big’ Carnival parade and on St. Martin the day before; Good Friday; Easter Sunday and Monday; Ascension Day; Whitsunday; The Queen’s birthday; 15th of December (Kingdom Day); Christmas and Boxing Day; The day of the Flag: 6/9 on Bonaire. 2/7 On Curaçao, 11/11 on St. Martin, 16/11 on St. Eustatius and the first Friday of December on Saba; Labour Day. The employee shall retain his entitlement to at least the pay that he would have earned on a public holiday during the normal working hours applicable to him if that day were not a public holiday. The employee who actually performs schedule work on a holiday is entitled to at least twice the pay that he would have earned on that day during the normal working hours applicable to him if that day were not a holiday.

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Sick leave is allocated based on stipulation with the Worker.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is allocated based on stipulation with the Worker.

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Yes, For overtime work performed, the employee shall receive an hourly overtime bonus of at least 50 percent of his hourly wage in addition to the full hourly wage applicable to him as compensation. Working hours, including overtime shall not exceed 50 hours per week calculated over a four-week period, provided that working hours including overtime shall not exceed 11 hours per day and working hours including overtime calculated over a 13-week period shall not exceed 45 hours per week. The working hours of an employee who works night shifts shall amount to a maximum of nine hours per day including overtime, on the understanding that the working hours including overtime calculated over a period of 13 weeks shall not exceed 45 hours per week.

Mandatory Bonuses

In principle all resident individuals must pay social security contributions. For employees, the employer has to contribute part of the premiums due. The contributions provide benefits under the General Old Age Insurance Ordinance (AOV), the General Widows and Orphans Ordinance (AWW), the General Insurance Extraordinary Sickness Ordinance (AVBZ) and the Basic Illness Insurance (BVZ). Employers must pay employee insurance contributions for residents and nonresidents. The contributions provide benefits under the Sickness Insurance Ordinance (ZV), Accident Insurance Ordinance and Cessantia Ordinance. The Cessantia Ordinance (OV) provides for severance payment in case of involuntary dismissal. • Old age (AOV) insurance - 9.0% • Surviving dependents (AWW) insurance - 0.5% • Basic health care insurance (BVZ) - 9.3% • Accident insurance (OV), depending on risk level - 0.5% to 5% • Insurance for loss of income due to illness (ZV) - 1.9% • General insurance for exceptional medical expenses (AVBZ) - 0.5% • Real property tax – For corporations, real estate tax is levied annually on the value of the property at the following rates: 0.4% up to a value of ANG 350,000, 0.5% on a value exceeding ANG 350,000 and up to ANG 750,000, and 0.6% on a value exceeding ANG 750,000. • Transfer tax – A 4% transfer tax is levied on the purchase or other transfer of real estate by individuals, with the buyer responsible for the tax.

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Employer of Record

Creating a worldwide workforce is a continuous process that extends beyond a contract.

TCWGlobal surpasses the typical employer of record (EOR) by ensuring that your team receives personalized attention, ranging from smooth payrolling management to customized benefits based on your specific needs and location.

  • Hire compliantly in 150 countries
  • Provide customized service and benefits
  • Remove the risk from your organization

Lets talk about payrolling.

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