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Hire Workers in Israel

Looking to conquer the world of business without getting tangled up in international employment complexities?

Look no further than TCWGlobal! The best payrolling and global employer of record in Israel.

No cultural barrier or legal obstacle will stand in your way with us by your side. We will tailor our services to fit your unique needs and help you shine no matter where you want to operate in the world.

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Fixed-Term Contracts

Fixed-term contracts are permitted in Israel. If they are terminated before the end of the fixed-term, the Worker may be entitled to their salary for the remainder of the term.

Worker Classifications

Workers are classified as exempt or non-exempt from overtime depending upon their category. Very few employees qualify as exempt.

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Probationary Periods

Probationary periods are permitted in Israel and are generally between one and twelve months. During the probationary period, statutory written notice is still required to terminate. The required notice for monthly-paid Workers is one day for each month during the first six months and two-and-a-half days for every additional month. During a probationary period, the reasons for termination are assessed more leniently.


In Israel, Workers recognize 9 public holidays. Workers are entitled to 250% of their salary if required to work on a public holiday. In addition, Workers must not be required to work more than 7 hours on the eve before a public holiday.

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Workers are entitled to a minimum of 12 days’ vacation per year for the first five years of employment (increasing thereafter), which accrues each month. At least 7 of the days must be taken each year and, at the employer’s consent, the remainder can carry over for use over the subsequent two years of employment. Accrued but unused leave is payable at termination.

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Sick Leave

Workers accrue at least 1.5 days of paid sick leave per month, totaling at least 18 days per year. Sick leave may be used for oneself or a family member. The first day of illness is unpaid. The second day is paid at 50% of the regular salary. Any remaining days of illness are paid at 100% of the regular salary.

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Overtime over the regular daily hours noted above or 42 hours per week is considered overtime. Workers cannot be required to work more than 12 hours per day and/or 16 hours of overtime per week. The first two hours of overtime must be paid at 125% of salary and the remainder at 150%. The following categories of Workers are exempt from overtime: managers, those whose duties require a special fiduciary relationship, and those whose hours cannot be supervised.

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Employer of Record

Creating a worldwide workforce is a continuous process that extends beyond a contract.

TCWGlobal surpasses the typical employer of record (EOR) by ensuring that your team receives personalized attention, ranging from smooth payrolling management to customized benefits based on your specific needs and location.

  • Hire compliantly in 150 countries
  • Provide customized service and benefits
  • Remove the risk from your organization

Lets talk about payrolling.

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