Accessing Your W-2 Form Online

If you are a W-2 worker employed by TCWGlobal, you can access your W-2 form(s) online through the TCWGlobal WebCenter! W-2 Forms are made available by the end of January each year for the prior tax year. 

To access your W-2 Form:

1. Log into your WebCenter account at

2. From the home screen, you can select "Manage W-2s"

3. If this is your first time accessing your W-2's, you will be asked to acknowledge a  consent statement about accessing your form electronically. Once acknowledged, you may access any W-2's available. Select the year of your choosing from the dropdown menu and click 'Download'.

Depending on your computer's settings, the W-2 may download as a PDF and be sent straight to your download's folder. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance, send us a chat, email or give us a call at 858-810-3000. 😊