Creating an Overnight Shift WebCenter Timecard

A quick tutorial for workers who create and submit overnight shift timecards through WebCenter

Below are the general steps to create and submit a split shift WebCenter timecard. 

  1. Visit and log into WebCenter
    1. If you are unsure of your WebCenter log-in, contact our team,, so one of our friendly team members can assist you!
  2. Click on the Assignments tab and select Create New Timecard for this Assignment.
  3. From the popup window, ensure the desired work week is displayed. If a previous work week is needed, you may choose a different week using the calendar change icon to the left of the date range
  4. Choose the desired pay code from the list provided, and then click ConfirmationCreate Timecard, and finally View Timecard.

  5. Fill in the timecard with all clock-in, clock-out, lunch clock-in and out times, etc. As a reminder, please ensure you are taking and entering all meal breaks required by law, if applicable.
    1. Important Note - With overnight shifts, you will need to use the ‘Punch Out’ field by 11:59pm and carry on the shift to the following day under ‘Punch In’ at 12:00am to ensure your hours are allocated to the correct day.
    2. If you work an overnight shift on the last work day of the week, you will need to create a new timecard for the next week, and enter any hours worked from 12:00am onward.
  6. Once the timecard has all hours worked for the week (along with any necessary notes, etc.), you should click Submit Timecard.

Quick notes about WebCenter timecards:

  • Workers may check the status of their timecards at any time by visiting the Timecards Tab in WebCenter
  • To ensure timecard approvers have enough time to approve timecards for processing, workers should submit timecards after their last shift for the week 
  • Workers should accurately report the hours in which they worked, and should also follow all laws that apply to them regarding meal breaks, rest breaks, etc.
  • If no work was performed in a week, a timecard for that week is generally not required unless the worker wishes to submit other hours available, such as sick time based on a sick ordinance, etc.
  • If you have any questions or require assistance, send us a chat, email or call 858-810-3000 so our team can assist you