Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) & Mental Health Resources

TCWGlobal has programs available when you need it most.


All employees have access to our EAP at no cost to you. The EAP offers support for a wide range of work and personal issues to promote a healthy work/life balance.  You typically have three free, confidential sessions per issue.  Counselors are also available for referrals for additional care or to help with child/ elder care services, finances, and personal and legal issues.

Get help 24/7 by visiting www.unum.com/lifebalance or call 800- 854-1446.  Learn more about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


Eden Health

If you are enrolled in TCWGlobal's medical plan, Eden Health is here for you.  A virtual visit is a convenient way to talk with a board-certified doctor—anywhere, anytime.  As part of your employee benefits package, you have access to a dedicated Care Team that works together to look after your total health - primary care, mental health support*, and insurance navigation services through one single app.  The Eden Health app is here 24/7 to answer questions, diagnose conditions, assist with prescriptions and claims, and more.

Mental Health Support-  Whatever’s on your mind, Eden Health can help get you the care you need:

  • Talk therapy*
  • Medication management
  • Health coaching and stress management support

* Availability of talk-therapy visits is dependent on licensure by state. Contact Eden Health at support@edenhealth.com  to learn which services are available in your area.  As needed, Eden Health can refer you to other in-network providers.

There is a $0 copay for all of the following services rendered through Eden Health.  If you have any specific questions, you can contact Eden Health at support@edenhealth.com for additional information.



  • Enter "My Insurance" when prompted to select Who is paying for Eden?
  • Enter your date of birth and Allied Member ID (subscriber ID) located on your medical ID card
  • Complete your patient profile and review/accept all terms and policies
  • Hit the "Messages" tab in your app to start a conversation with a provider and receive a response from your Care Team within minutes!

If you're experiencing registration issues, please contact Eden Health at support@edenhealth.com for assistance.  Get the Eden Health user guide.


Meru Health

Additionally, we have partnered with Meru Health to offer TCWGlobal medical plan participants and their adult dependents* a 12-week therapy program proven to reduce stress, depression, and everything in between. This 100% confidential program can be accessed from your smartphone — anywhere, anytime. You’ll have access to:

  • A dedicated licensed therapist: who can provide meaningful, personalized responses when you feel lost, unmotivated, or need guidance.
  • Biofeedback (heart rate viability) monitor: tracks the small beat-to-beat changes in your heart when you breathe to help you recognize and track your physical response to stress.
  • Weekly themed lessons and practices: to help you regulate your emotions, improve your sleep, enhance your nutrition, and build life-changing habits.
  • An anonymous peer support group: to share your experience and learn from others, reminding you are not alone in this journey.
  • Psychiatrist support
  • Primary care physician collaboration: to bring providers together with reports and updates available upon request to your PCP/care team to ensure effective integrated mental health care.


You’ll have to pay one copay during the initial intake call and a copay for each month you’re active in the program (a maximum of 4 copays). Your copay is equivalent to your in-network care visit for mental health ($25, $30, or $35 depending on your plan).

LEARN MORE ABOUT MERU HEALTH at https://www.meruhealth.com/targetcw or call (833) 940-1385.

* For Meru Health, participants must be in California, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, or Wisconsin.

If you have mental health outpatient office services, your copay or coinsurance may apply.


Start Your Recovery:  Substance Abuse Resources & Support

Start Your Recovery was developed by bringing together substance use disorder treatment experts from leading nonprofit, academic, and government institutions. Through this resource, professionals can hear stories from people with similar experiences, discover the answers they need for recognizing and dealing with substance use disorder, and locate support.

Get support here:  https://startyourrecovery.org/