International Offboarding/End of Engagement

Ending an international engagement requires individualized support as country laws, employment contracts and termination details can impact next steps. No matter the situation, TCWGlobal is here to partner with you every step of the way. ✅ This article will provide you with some tips on international offboardings, as well as instructions on the overall process.

Tips for International Offboardings

  • International Employment is not at-will. It’s governed by local employment laws and criteria within a worker’s employment contract which can include requirements for advance notice of termination and more. Because of this, it’s important to be aware of these requirements prior to offboarding a worker.

Below are the most common types of employment contracts:

    • Fixed Term: These include a pre-defined end date provided by the client during onboarding. In some cases, fixed-term contractors may be entitled to their contract’s full compensation if terminated early.
    • Indefinite:These do not include a pre-defined end date. Because of this, an advance notice is generally required before employment may come to an end, known as a “Notice Period”.
  • Regardless of the type of employment contract, it’s best practice to refrain from notifying a worker that their engagement is ending until guidance is provided by TCWGlobal.
  • Dependent on the country, there may be specific procedural requirements or documentation that TCWGlobal and our local country team may need to collect.
  • Another helpful tip is to view our Country Summaries page which can provide you with further information towards offboarding based on the country. Click here to check them out! 🌍

Now that you have a few tips surrounding offboarding, here are some next steps you can take to begin the process.

Initiating an International Offboarding 

*As a best practice, always consult with TCWGlobal before you communicate with an international worker about ending their engagement.

  1. To ensure you receive the best guidance and support, please contact your Global Account Manager or email your request to end the worker’s engagement. When possible, include the following information:
    1. Worker’s name
    2. Desired offboarding date (keep in mind advance notice may be required)
    3. Reasoning for end of engagement
    4. Any additional context related to the offboarding
  2. From there, TCWGlobal will partner with you to ensure that the offboarding follows all country laws and employment contract stipulations.
  3. As mentioned before, some workers may be entitled to a notice period, so it’s best practice to await guidance from TCWGlobal before notifying a worker their engagement is ending.
  4. TCWGlobal will work with your team on providing the best options and next steps that are compliant with the country’s laws and worker’s employment contract. 

As always, if you need any further assistance during an offboarding or are unsure of what is required – Please contact your Global Account Manager or, we’re here to assist! 👍