International Quotes

Requesting a Quote for an International Worker

A signed quote is required to begin onboarding a worker internationally in locations where a standard markup isn’t available. This is our way of providing up-front estimations of the monthly costs our clients can expect to see invoiced. We aim for accuracy and complete transparency from the start. 👍

  1. To request a quote for an international engagement, first complete the quote request form here. It's a super quick process! 😊
  2. TCWGlobal’s team of international experts will generate a custom quote that breaks down your expected monthly cost for the engagement based off the monthly salary, standard employer costs, and anything else needed.
  3. Once the quote is signed by all parties, and any needed country addendums are on file, we’ll provide you with the next steps to begin the onboarding. Usually, that next step is our client completing the International Worker Requisition Form, where all the nitty-gritty details of the engagement can be captured.  😊

If you have any questions during this process, please feel free to reach out to your Global Account Manager or and we’ll be happy to assist you!  

Curious to learn more about what's included in a quote you received?
Global employment costs can vary greatly! Keep reading below for a general guide for reviewing international quotes.

A Guide to International Quotes 

The first question most companies have when exploring international employment is, “What does it cost?”. Costs can vary a bunch by country and engagement depending on what is included. The below provides a general overview of the costs that are generally included in an international quote from TCWGlobal. 

  • Annual Salary: This is the annual salary provided by the client, displayed in the local currency. Due to changes in exchange rates, quotes will always display the local currency. 
  • Total Monthly Gross Salary: Monthly amount a worker will be paid. It’s a fixed rate in the local currency before a mark-up is applied. 
  • Total Mandatory Employer Costs: These will vary by location but include any mandatory costs, such as taxes or other employer contributions (social security, pension, health coverage, etc.)
  • Monthly Payroll Service Fees: This covers the services received with TCWGlobal, which ensures you receive access to knowledgeable support and local guidance as you expand your contingent workforce globally 
  • Estimated Monthly Invoice to Client: This is what a client can expect to pay each month if there are no additional payments to the worker, such as commissions, bonuses, expenses, etc. 
  • Total Mark-Up: This includes total taxes and fees in percentage form on top of the total gross monthly salary. This percentage mark-up typically applies toward any other taxable earnings such as bonuses, commissions, etc.

If you have any further questions regarding costs included within a quote, please feel free to reach out to your Global Account Manager or and we are happy to help! 🎉