Onboarding Statuses

The new worker Onboarding Status is shown in the “Engagements” tab.


Here’s the flow and the different statuses of worker onboarding.


Invite Sent: The worker is sent an email invitation to create their StaffingNation account to view their offer letter.

Reviewing Offer: The worker is in the process of reviewing their offer letter before accepting or rejecting the job.

Accepted or Rejected: Once the worker accepts the job and signs the offer letter but has not started completing their employment profile in StaffingNation, the status will show Accepted. If the worker rejects the offer, the status will show Rejected and the Hiring Manager or the TargetCW Account Manager can edit the offer letter and re-submit to the worker.

Onboarding: The worker is in the process of completing their employment profile in StaffingNation.

Pending I9: The worker has completed their portion of onboarding. The 2nd page of the worker’s web-based I9 will need to be completed by a 3rd Party or by the client company on the worker’s first day of work.

Pending Review: Once the worker’s I9 has been completed, the TargetCW Account Manager will review all onboarding forms. If there’s missing or invalid information, the Account Manager can Redeploy Onboarding documents back to the worker and/or Redeploy I9 to the 3rd Party or to the client company for completion.

Completed: The worker has completed the onboarding process and the worker now has an active engagement with the client company.

Closed: The worker’s engagement with the client company has ended.

The engagement can be Retracted/Cancelled at any time between the Invite Sent and Pending Review steps. If the engagement is retracted, the worker’s information will disappear and be deleted completely from the system if the worker has no other active or inactive engagements.