SN3 - Engagement Statuses

Below is a comprehensive list of all the engagement statuses for StaffingNation 3. 




Offer Sent

The client has sent an offer to a worker.

Offer Retracted

An offer that was retracted from the worker before the engagement has begun.

Offer Accepted

Worker has accepted the offer.

Offer Rejected

Worker has rejected the offer.

Reviewing Offer

Worker is reviewing the offer and has the option to accept or reject.


The worker has accepted their offer, but still need to complete onboarding documents (i.e. tax documents, employment verification, I-9, and all company specific forms.)

Employer Review

All onboarding documents have been completed by the worker and the EoR needs to review the worker’s information and approve the worker.

Pending I-9

Section 2 of the I-9 form is pending to be filled by either by a 3rd party or the client’s In-Office Representative.

Redeploy Onboarding

Documents have been re-sent to the worker so that they can re-submit the forms.

Prescreening Pending

The worker still needs to complete their prescreening package.

Approved to Start

The worker is fully ready to begin work on their assigned start date.

Engagement Active

Worker has begun work and is on engagement.

Engagement Ended

Worker engagement has ended and end-of-engagement surveys (if any) can be taken.