SN3 - Order Statuses

Below is a comprehensive list of order statuses and their description for SN3.0. 





Order has not been completed or submitted.


The order has been created and is open to send offers to a candidate(s). 

Pending Quote

The order is created and awaiting a quote from the supplier.


The order has been closed due to  the order being filled or deactivated.

Pending Approval

 Internal approvals have been set and the order has not been approved yet.

Pending Prereq

Item(s) such as departments, locations, or job descriptions need approval internally or by your EoR.

Pending Quote

There is not a matching bill card, so a supplier quote is needed.

On Hold

This is a manual status change option. Perhaps you did not have a worker in mind when creating this order and you are not sure if you still need this role filled.


A quote has been submitted by your supplier.

Quote Rejected

The quote was rejected by the client.

In Approval

Order is locked and being reviewed for approval.


Order has been rejected through internal approvals.

Coming Soon

All order approval workflows are done and the order open date is not yet reached. The suppliers can start working on the order, but not submit the candidate yet.

Pending VM/MSP (If MSP approval set)

Order is Pending VM/MSP when VM/MSP approvals are set and the order has not been approved yet.

In VM/MSP Approval (If MSP approval set)

Order is locked and cannot be edited any further.

Rejected by VM/MSP (If MSP approval set)

Order has been rejected by VM/MSP.