Submitting International Expenses for Reimbursement!

Before incurring any business expenses, please ensure that expense reimbursements are authorized by your Supervisor and your TCWGlobal Account Manager. If so, follow the easy instructions below to be reimbursed!

Use the following link to download the TCWGlobal Expense Report in an excel file. You’ll complete it to request expense and/or mileage reimbursements. 

Download the expense sheet by clicking here. 

Note, some locations may utilize a separate expense tool based off the local country requirements. If you are unsure if you should be utilizing that expense tool or TCWGlobal’s reporting, please reach out to your TCWGlobal Account Manager or for guidance. 

On the Expense Statement:  

  •  List each expense on its own line. Include the date the expense was incurred, what the reimbursement is for, and the total cost to the right. Receipts are required for all expenses to be reimbursed, so please include screenshots or photos of the receipts when submitting.  Your expense total should be in the local currency that you are paid in. 
  • Converting Currencies? If your purchase is in a different currency, use, select the currencies you are converting, and locate the purchase date on the chart to determine the exchange rate that you will need to use. From there, take the amount on the receipt and convert it to your local currency to enter on the expense report. You may convert it by taking the receipt total and dividing it by the exchange rate to get the converted rate. 

Example: Converting a 3,000$MXN hotel receipt to USD. The Exchange rate for the date of purchase is 17.8334$MXN=$1USD based on the XE currency chart. Calculate the amount in USD by dividing 3,000/17.8334 = $168.22USD. Enter this amount on the expense report like below: 

A close up of a box

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Submitting Your Expense for Approval✅: 

  • Expenses must be submitted on a monthly basis, within 30 days of your purchases. 
  • Send both the completed TCWGlobal Expense Form and all receipts via email to your TCWGlobal Account Manager or and copy your supervisor on the message so they may “reply all” to provide email approval. 
  • Your TCWGlobal team will provide you with your specific deadline for when approved expenses must be received in order to be included for the upcoming payroll cycle. 👍

Tips to Ensure Timely and Efficient Expense Processing:  

We want you to get paid! Here are tips to help ensure that happens 😊 

  • Please send your Expense Form and Receipts in Excel format or as a PDF or screenshot/images. Your TCWGlobal Account Manager cannot open documents shared through Google Doc due to digital privacy restrictions.  
  • Make sure that your Expense Report is accurately completed and that all receipts are included in your submission. 
  • Ensure that your expense totals are entered in your local currency 
  • Ensure both your TCWGlobal Account Manager and your supervisor are included on your expense submission email. 
If you have any questions or need help, please email us at or call 858-810-3000 for assistance.