Submitting PTO and Time Off for International Employees

To request any personal time off, whether for vacation, sick, personal leave, etc., it’s important to notify your supervisor in advance, when possible of course. While your supervisor will approve the time off, it’s important to also notify your TCWGlobal Account Manager so it can be tracked in our systems. 

Request Time Off 

As a best practice, to request time off, follow the below steps: 

  1. Review your employment contract to be aware of any time off you are entitled to 
    1. For example, you may be eligible for X amount of vacation days and it’s helpful for you to be aware of and plan your trips around that number. 😊 
  2. Email your supervisor and Global Account Manager via with the dates you are looking to take time off for. 
    1. If time is being taken off frequently, this must be sent and approved a month prior to ensure accurate documentation and reporting for the following month’s payroll. 
  3. Your supervisor will review and approve your request. Once approved, TCWGlobal will enter the dates into our system for tracking purposes. 
    1. If for any reason, the time off dates will not work, your supervisor will coordinate with you on next steps. 

*Please note, some client companies and our local country teams may have their own internal processes or systems that time off must be submitted to. If this applies to your situation, please follow those processes, and still ensure to notify TCWGlobal of your time off details. If ever unsure, please contact and our team will be happy to help.   

What if I forget to submit PTO/Time off requests to TCWGlobal? 

That’s okay! We understand things happen and other than reaching out to your direct supervisor, you may have forgotten to notify us as well. 

TCWGlobal will personally reach out to all our active workers each month to remind you to submit any time off, PTO, etc. hours to us. 😊 Additionally, we will reach out to your direct supervisor for any outstanding items, too! We are committed to not missing any items for your engagement.  

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach us at or 858-810-3000!