Talent Pool - FAQ

What’s the idea behind Talent Pool?

With so many variables in the economy today, companies are relying on contingent workers more than ever to supplement their workforce and maintain operations. The Talent Pool feature offers the creative and agile solutions needed to redefine the way companies think of their contingent population.

What is the difference between an applicant tracking system (ATS) and Talent Pool?

One benefit of Talent Pool is you can start sourcing based on your current project needs because the system will recommend previous workers relevant to the project versus having to sift through your ATS to see which individuals qualify. Cutting down on the recruiting and sourcing process will allow you to get your projects handled faster to increase efficiency.

How do I know that this is a talent I want to re-engage with?

When getting started with your Talent Pool, you have the ability to invite and choose the historical candidates that you wish to re-engage with. You will have visibility to different talent within StaffingNation for your company depending on your role and permission. You will see ratings from previous engagements and determine whom to invite into the Talent Pool. Talent Pool is a great way to handle your interns, retirees, freelancers, or any of your contingent workforce!

Will workers be interested in participating in Talent Pool?

Absolutely! Workers like to know that there’s a possibility for them to re-engage with you for future projects but still have the flexibility to take on other projects or freelance in the meantime. If workers choose to not be part of your company's talent pool, they can opt-out anytime.

Is Talent Pool secure?

Compliance and data security are always top of mind with StaffingNation and TargetCW. All personally identifiable information (PII) and company-specific data are secure in StaffingNation and closely monitored by TargetCW for safety and compliance. Since the system is role-based, users will only see the information that is pertinent to them. For more information on how TargetCW manages data security, feel free to visit our dedicated privacy site: TargetCW Privacy.