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TargetCW is your turn-key solution for managing your contingent workforce. Our comprehensive services can be utilized by companies around the globe to bring insights, compliance and strategic mobilization to your CW program without sacrificing customer service.

Our global organization infrastructure has been designed to manage your entire contingent workforce. Regardless of the business case, our strategic solutions allow you to meet your workforce goals.
Your trusted partner for the right hire. From immediate temporary resources to the right strategic long-term fit for your organization; TargetCW is equipped with industry-leading recruiters to assist with meeting your hiring needs in all 50 states, and internationally.


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Employment Agreement

• Official employer of record: TCW Global AU PTY LTD

• Terms of employment are usually set out in a written contract, but may be supplemented by oral and implied terms

Termination Notice

• Employees must be given advanced written notice prior of terminations, except in serious misconduct

• The longer the length of service determines the longer the period of notice the employer must give. (between 1-4 weeks).


What you need to know

Overtime Pay
Overtime is paid at 150% of the employees’ regular wages for the first three hours and 200% after three hours.
Average Work Week
38 hours per week.
All employees in Australia are entitled to 8-11 days paid holidays per year. Specific paid holidays differ by state or territory in which the employee works.
Vacation/Sick Leave
Employees get 4 weeks of vacation leave per year. Employees also receive 10 days paid personal/sick leave per year, 2 days paid compassionate leave, and 2 days unpaid career’s leave per occurrence.

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