International Onboarding

If you’re looking to start expanding your workforce internationally, then you’re in the right place! We’re excited to help you along this journey, no matter the country. This article will provide you with an overview of starting a successful and smooth onboarding experience for you and your candidates. At the bottom, you will also find FAQs about international onboarding.  

Pre-Requisites for Onboarding: 

Before an offer is sent to your candidate, TCWGlobal will work with you to ensure the following two items are in place: 

  • Country Specific Addendum: Each country’s laws and regulations are different. Due to this, there will be a required addendum for each country that you’d like to onboard within before extending any offers. Your TCWGlobal Support Team will work with you in the event we need to get a new addendum in place. 
    • We also recommend reviewing our Country Summaries page, which can provide you with further information about the country specifics. Click here to check them out! 🌍 
    • For countries where TCWGlobal offers a standard mark-up (Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and United Kingdom),  a custom quote isn't required. Once you have a signed country addendum on file, you can move straight into onboarding your worker!
  • Candidate’s Quote: Since most countries have varying costs per engagement, we'll create a custom quote in the local currency so you may see the fees and breakdowns - Check out this article here for a guide on quotes. We strive for cost transparency! You can submit your quote requests here. 
    • On the quote form, if you indicate a  background check is needed, our team will include those costs on the quote, along with providing a timeline to complete the screening. 
    • Our team will work on this for you and check if you need a country addendum in the meantime. 

Please note that the timeline for quote creations can vary between 3-5 business days and TCWGlobal will continue to keep you updated along the way. 😊 

International Onboarding: 

  1. After your Country Addendum and quote(s)are signed, you can submit the International Worker Onboarding Requisition form here
    1.  Please note that if the requisition’s salary does not match the signed quote, a new quote will be required. 
  2. With the submission, your TCWGlobal Support team will reach out to the worker with a Letter of Intent to Hire – this is a general letter that quickly confirms they are interested in moving forward. 
  3. Once the Letter of Intent to Hire is signed by the worker, our local country teams will draft the Employment Contract for the worker(s).  
    1. A draft of the employment contract will be sent for your review as well before it’s provided to the candidate! That way, you can ask any questions upfront. 
    2. If a background check is requested, keep in mind that requirements may vary depending on the country's regulations. 
  4. During this entire process, TCWGlobal will provide you with updates and ensure all necessary details are obtained for the onboarding! 
    1. Since countries outside of the US have various requirements & specifics, require review of formal contracts, etc. onboardings usually take 2 to 3 weeks. Check out the FAQs below for some notes on items that can impact onboarding speed.
  5. Once the onboarding is complete, your Global Account Manager will notify you as soon as possible so that your worker(s) can begin. 🎉 

As always, if you need any further assistance during an onboarding or are unsure of what is required – Please contact your Global Account Manager or, we’re here to assist! 👍  

FAQs with International Onboarding 

  1.  Why is it required to list the pay rate in the local currency, rather than USD? 
    1. It’s best practice to communicate payment information to a worker in their local currency, as that is how they will be paid. Plus, it allows clients to budget spend better than doing so in USD, as the foreign exchange rates will fluctuate daily.  
  2. It says onboarding typically takes 2-3 weeks. Why might it take longer?  
    1. While we always work hard to move the process along quickly, the following scenarios can extend the timeline: 
      1. Workers negotiating terms of their employment contract 
      2. Workers needing to obtain work authorization in the country 
      3. Redlines of the country addendum, employment contract, etc. between parties 
      4. Certain nuances in more remote locations that may limit digital delivery of documents
    1. Whenever possible, TCWGlobal will keep you informed on the expected length to onboard a worker. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask your Global Account Manager 
  1. It’s my first-time onboarding someone internationally. How can we best ensure it goes smoothly? 
    1. TCWGlobal knows that international employment is both exciting and confusing at times. We’ll do our part to set you up for success. Following the above steps better ensures a great experience for all. Additionally, we are always happy to jump on a call to walk your team through the process and answer any questions.