Updates to an International Engagement

In this article, we’ll walk you through the general steps of to request a change to an international worker’s engagement. Keep in mind that some changes are super simple updates, whereas others may require an amendment to the employment contract.

Examples of international engagement updates include:  

  • Pay rate changes (increase or decrease) 
  • Job description or title updates  
  • Extension to a contract 
  • Approver changes 
  • Work schedule 
  • And more 
  • Note, if you are looking to end the engagement – click here to see those instructions 

Requesting an Update  

  1. With the worker(s) in mind that may need changes, it’ll be beneficial to review their Employment Contract if your team has a copy on hand. Another tool can be our handy country summaries. These resources can provide helpful, on-demand information for you in this early stage so that you know a little bit more of what to expect for the country.   
    1. For example, if you’re looking to extend a worker’s fixed contract by 6 months in Costa Rica, the contract would likely need to be reclassified as indefinite. TCWGlobal will provide guidance for your specific scenario and next steps.    
  2. Next, connect with your Global Account Manager directly or via hello@tcwglobal.com and let them know what changes you are interested in. Providing as many details as you have up front helps ensure that your Global Account Manager can serve as an excellent partner to you. 😊
    1. Please provide 1.) the worker('s) name(s), 2.) details of what changes are needed, and 3.) a desired effective date
    2. International employment deals a lot with employment contracts and variations in country laws - so if we need more information, your Global Account Manager will let you know.
  3. TCWGlobal works to keep  things simple for you, but alas, we know that not all countries are the same. The team will always work to achieve success with your requests. In the event a country requirement prohibits a certain change, we'll work diligently with you on any alternative options. 
    1. As our team partners with you on changes, it's best practice to wait to notify workers of the change. This way we can provide you will all the next steps.

We are delighted to provide you with the best service with your international workforce. Feel free to call us at 858-810-3000 or email hello@tcwglobal.com with any questions, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you! 👍