Hiring Manager User Guide: Getting Started

Welcome to StaffingNation!

StaffingNation allows companies to onboard their new workers via a completely paperless, online process that is secure, efficient, and transparent. StaffingNation gives your company the opportunity to upload job descriptions, create multiple job orders, onboard new workers, and end worker engagements all electronically with simple-to-use software. We hope you enjoy your experience!

How to Begin the Onboarding Process

The first step of the onboarding process is to create a job description. Once TCWGlobal reviews and approves the job description, you will be able to create an order and send an offer to a new worker.

If you have a job order but are not ready to send an offer yet, you can create an order first and then send an offer to a worker later.

Once you send an offer, the worker will receive an email notification to review the details and once they "accept" the offer, they will be prompted to complete their onboarding documents and employment profile in StaffingNation. If they are a worker employed by TCWGlobal, they will also receive a welcome call and email introducing them to their dedicated support team.

As a Client User, you will have full visibility of all your workers' onboarding statuses and prescreening statuses. You can reference these statuses at any time to determine if a worker is completed with their onboarding and prescreen.

Once a worker completes their portion of onboarding, the appropriate party (onsite manager or third party) will fill out Section 2 of the worker's web-based Form I-9 to complete the onboarding process.

Once their complete onboarding is finished, their Account Manager will provide them instructions for timekeeping and any additional next steps.

Deactivation Process

Once a worker's engagement with a company has ended, you can also deactivate them by completing the "End Engagement" form in StaffingNation.