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How's It All Work?

Implementing MSP solutions can seem daunting, but we've got your back!  We offer a phased approach to implementation that matches your current and upcoming needs, and we maintain a constant flow of communication throughout the process to ensure you're up to speed every step of the way!

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The Phased Approach

At the beginning of implementation, we work closely with you to identify and integrate your main priorities into the MSP program. As we progress and learn more through our discovery process, we'll adjust the details and timelines for each step. We initially propose a three-phase approach, but we are ready to adapt this plan based on our ongoing discussions.

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Phase 1

W2 Staff Augmentation

  • Payroll Services Transition to TCWGlobal
  • Agency Transition to MSP w/ Standardized Agreements and Full Entry into StaffingNation
  • 1099 Independent Contractor Vetting & Assessment Processes
Phase 2

International W2 Staff Augmentation

  • Payroll/EOR Services Transition to TCWGlobal
  • Agency Transition to MSP w/ Standardized Agreements and Full Entry into StaffingNation
  • 1099 Independent Contractor Vetting & Assessment Processes
Phase 3

SOW/Vendor Processes

  • Vendor Transition in StaffingNation
  • Standardized Agreements Outlining Relationships & Consolidated Invoicing Process, etc.
  • Much of This Phase Customized to Your Needs

Each Phase Will Include These Steps:

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Step 1:

Discovery Process

During this step, we focus on understanding your current situation and needs through detailed discussions with all important parts of your organization. This involves meeting with all impacted departments, from IT to finance, to fully understand the challenges you face and what you aim to achieve.

During the Discovery Process, Your Team Will Be Responsible For:

  • Collecting full-service data for all contingent workers

  • Scheduling stakeholder meetings

  • Workflow approvals

  • Contingent Worker policy creation (TCWGlobal can assist and provide baseline templates)

  • Approval of program standardization items for supplier management (TCWGlobal will provide best practices and options from other MSP programs we’ve run)

Prepare to Go Live

Throughout the discovery process, there will be continuous updates to potential workflows and solutions to prepare for going live. All final processes will receive authorization from your designated stakeholder or the TCWGlobal Program Team.

Define Supplier & MSP Guidelines

Your organization will identify desired program standards/regulations for managing suppliers and the overall MSP program.

Set Timelines for Stakeholder Engagement

Your organization will determine desired timelines and develop approved communication plans and templates for larger verbalization of the MSP Program (internal stakeholders, suppliers, worker/resource notifications, etc.)

We're Here to Help!

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Step 2:


Based on the information provided within discovery, TCWGlobal will set up the needed features within StaffingNation to accommodate the desired solutions and value adds to your company.
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TCWGlobal Uses StaffingNation

  • This system will serve as a comprehensive portal for all your contingent worker processes, including requests, onboarding, and integrations.

  • All supplier-sourced roles will be consolidated in the tool, allowing managers to manage requisitions, review candidates, track onboarding, and monitor contingent workers in one place.

  • TCWGlobal will collaborate with you to incorporate all necessary details—departments, users, locations, approvals, onboarding documents—into the tool, ensuring smooth integration and reporting.

Finalize Workflows

Our team will work with needed stakeholders to finalize workflows, such as: worker provisioning a nd access processes, timekeeping set up, and consolidated invoicing processes.

Build, Test, Launch

If integrations are in development, additional meetings and updates will be part of the project plan, covering the build process, testing setup, UAT, and final integration approval. The complexity and timelines of these integrations may impact the overall MSP Program implementation.

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Step 3:

Training/Change Management

TCWGlobal adopts a hands-on approach during this phase, creating tailored training materials and guides for all user types within your program, aligned with your specific needs and StaffingNation specifications.

We'll develop customized materials such as one-pagers, landing pages, videos, and 'how to' guides in whatever format best suits your client users' learning preferences.

Phased Change Management

We implement change in stages to ease adoption for StaffingNation and MSP processes, focusing on clear and concise information.

Diverse Training Options

We offer a variety of training options including webinars, Zoom sessions, and in-person guidance to ensure effective use of tools and workflows.

Dedicated Support Team

A dedicated team is in place to provide ongoing education in current processes, best practices, and updates.

Personalized Program Management

You'll be assigned a primary program manager and be supported by MSP specialists for interview coordination, reporting, and more.

Comprehensive Resource Support

Additional resources like project managers, compliance team members, and other specialists are available as needed to fulfill service requirements.

Step 4:

Process Adjustments

We apply a consistent discovery and change management approach whether process changes occur before MSP go-live or 18 months into service.

First, we identify the need or pain point and develop the appropriate solution. Next, we configure workflows or tool features to deliver the desired value. Finally, we provide hands-on training, documentation, and support as needed to ensure the success of the new process.

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Step 5:

Training/Change Management

TCWGlobal will provide a dedicated program manager along with a comprehensive support team committed to the initial implementation and ongoing development of your MSP Program.

Our support structure includes regular check-ins with your contingent workforce team and key stakeholders, facilitated through weekly calls and program updates. Additionally, we offer customized reporting at your preferred intervals, quarterly business reviews to evaluate program health, and annual kickoff meetings to set goals and identify areas for development.

Key Performance Metrics Review

From a supplier management perspective, we conduct quarterly scorecard reviews to evaluate supplier performance and gather feedback.

This process helps us continually analyze and optimize our supplier pool, focusing on proper leverage, identifying gaps, and tracking key metrics like submission rates, fill rates, and overall performance.

Quarterly/Bi-Yearly Updates

TCWGlobal will conduct quarterly or bi-yearly business reviews (cadence at your preference) covering updates on a variety of aspects of the MSP program.

Dynamic Metric Customization

We will utilize a baseline reporting structure with your input and adjust, add, or tweak as needed across the life of the partnership to capture all the desired metrics and data.

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