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Environmental Compliance Information

Social responsibility is at the core of our company’s values; we actively promote a culture of caring and making a positive difference in our team members and the broader community. By inspiring others to embrace our collective social responsibility, we can all contribute to a better world, leaving a lasting impact on future generations.

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Solar Energy Utilization

With 800 solar panels installed atop TCWGlobal, we've taken a bold leap into sustainable energy utilization. These solar arrays capture the sun's power, directly converting it into electricity, significantly diminishing our dependence on non-renewable energy. This initiative doesn't just lower our carbon footprint; it also brings about a substantial decrease of up to 60% in our energy costs. It's a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly practices and fiscal responsibility.


On average, each American disposes of approximately 1,200 pounds of compostable waste annually. TCWGlobal has over 100 employees, so that all adds up! Therefore, embracing composting practices is not just a choice; it's a necessity. At TCWGlobal, we keep things green by turning our everyday waste like leftover food, coffee grounds, paper, and plant clippings into compost. Instead of letting this stuff pile up in landfills, we use it to help plants grow. With over 100 people working with us, that's a lot of scraps! Composting is our way to help the planet, cutting down the trash one bit at a time.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping  

At TCWGlobal, we've made our landscape more eco-friendly by using something called xeriscaping. We’re gardening smarter with xeriscaping. It's all about choosing plants that thrive with less water, which means we use less and save more – not just money, but also precious water resources. Our low-water gardens are easy to care for and show our neighbors how they can make their yards eco-friendlier too.

Smarter Lighting

At TCWGlobal, we've brightened our space while dimming our energy use. We've installed sleek, new LED lights that are not only energy-efficient but also come with clever tech like motion sensors and sunlight detectors. This means lights only on when needed, slashing our electricity use and costs.

LEDs are long-lasters too – they keep shining for up to 20 years, which means we’re saving money and time on bulb changes. It's a bright move for both the planet and our budget, letting us focus on the bigger picture.

Water Conservation

Using super-efficient drip irrigation systems for landscaping helps conserve water by delivering it directly to the plant roots, minimizing evaporation and runoff. In restrooms, automatic timed faucets efficiently manage water usage by dispensing a controlled amount of water, reducing waste, and promoting conservation.

Heating and Air-Conditioning

At TCWglobal, we've installed a state-of-the-art heating and air-conditioning system that's not just powerful but also smart. It fits right into the ceiling for a sleek look and uses advanced sensors to detect people, so it only runs when it’s needed. This smart system adjusts automatically, cutting energy use by nearly half. Plus, thanks to our rooftop solar panels, it often runs with almost no cost. It's all part of our plan to keep things comfortable without compromising on our eco-friendly promise.

The Bottom Line

TCWGlobal's dedication to social responsibility shines through our proactive steps in sustainable living. From harnessing the power of the sun to transforming organic waste into nourishing compost, every action we take is infused with a commitment to the environment and our community.