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2024 IC Compliance Guide

Access state-specific regulations for hiring independent contractors.

Sick Leave Cheat Sheet

A quick guide to understanding USA laws for paid sick leave.

2024 Canadian Holidays

Mark Your Calendars for Canada's 2024 Holidays!

Minimum Wage Rates

Keeping Up with the 2024 USA Minimum Wage Changes

Global Training Requirements

Your Global Guide to Compliance Training Requirements

Understanding Day Rates

Demystifying Day Rates Across Industries

Travel Pay Reimbursement

Navigate State-Specific Travel Pay Reimbursement Rules

State-by-State Pay Transparency Regulations

Helping employers navigate and comply with evolving laws

Long Term Leave Laws

Additional mandated wage replacement laws by state

Voting Leave Laws by State

Get concise information on voting leave laws for each state to ensure compliance.

USA Equal Pay Laws

Access key documents on equal pay laws to ensure compliance.

Work From Home Reimbursement Laws

Find out how U.S. states reimburse WFH expenses!

Minor Working Hours

Comprehensive state-by-state guide on legal working hours for minors.

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Client Help Center

Find articles to help with StaffingNation, Timecard approvals, and other processes.

Icon representing Worker Help Center

Worker Help Center

Find articles to help with StaffingNation, timecard creation, perks & benefits, 401(k), and more.

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Forms and Legal

Find any forms related to sick leave, sexual harassment, incident reports, direct deposit, tax documentation, etc.

Have Questions About Benefits or Perks?
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Get information on medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as 401(k) offerings and other perks.

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Employee FAQs

Does TCWGlobal offer benefits to employees?

Yes, TCWGlobal offers ACA-compliant healthcare benefits to all eligible employees. Eligible employees are those that work full-time with an average schedule of 30 hours per week.

How can I enroll in benefits?
Benefit premiums are automatically deducted weekly from your paycheck pre-tax, on or after your effective start date of benefits. If you are paid bi-weekly, two deductions will display on your paychecks.
Can I make changes to my benefits at any time?

Unfortunately, no. You are only able to make changes (i.e. add/drop coverage or dependents) during our annual Open Enrollment or if you’ve experienced a qualified life event (QLE).

How do I create and submit my timecard in WebCenter?

Each week you will need to create and submit a new timecard. To create a timecard, please click on the Assignments tab, select your current active assignment, and click Create New Timecard for this Assignment.

The timecard will default to the current payroll period. To select a previous week, please click the calendar icon that says Change.

Please refer to the WebCenter tutorial for more information.

Where is my paycheck?
Please check WebCenter to see if your timecard has been approved and processed. Timecards approved by Monday at 2:00 PM PST will be processed for a Thursday deposit.

Paper checks are mailed on Wednesdays. Please contact us if you have not received your paper check after 10 business days.

If your timecard has not been approved, please contact your direct supervisor.

If your timecard was approved late, please email
How do I update my W4/tax settings?

Complete a new Form W4 and return it to TCWGlobal via this secure form.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

You can use this secure link to send in your bank information:

Direct Deposit Form

You will need to include one of the following with your full name, account number, and routing number:

  • Copy of a voided check
  • Letter from your bank (cannot be hand-written)
  • Screenshot of a statement or online banking
I am locked out of WebCenter. What do I do?
Please email to have your WebCenter account unlocked.
I recently moved, how do I change my address?
To update any personal information, please email to 

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