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Welcome to Bahrain!

Looking to conquer the world of business without getting tangled up in international employment complexities? We got this.

No cultural barrier or legal obstacle will stand in your way with us in your corner. We tailor our services to fit your unique needs so you shine no matter where you operate in the world.

Why You're Here!

Creating a worldwide workforce is a continuous process that extends beyond a contract.

TCWGlobal surpasses the typical employer of record (EOR) by ensuring that your team receives personalized attention, ranging from smooth payrolling management to customized benefits based on your specific needs and location.

  • Hire compliantly in 150 countries
  • Provide customized service and benefits
  • Remove the risk from your organization
Worker Classifications

There are no official subcategories of Workers in Bahrain.

Fixed-Term Contracts

The minimum fixed-term contract is 6 months. There is no maximum limit. Fixed-term contracts may be renewed without limitation. Termination of fixed contracts can be done using the terms outlined in the contract.

Probationary Periods

The probationary period is three months for workers paid monthly wages, and one month for all other workers. The maximum duration for a probationary period is three months. Any party may terminate the contract during the probationary period by giving the other party at least 7 days notice.


There are 8 public holidays in Bahrain, some of which are multiple days long. Public holidays are paid days off. If a worker must work on a public holiday that may choose between receiving 150% of their regular wage for that day or having an alternative day of rest.


A worker who has completed at least one year of service shall be entiteld to vacation of not less than 30 days at the rate of two and a half days for each month. If a worker has worked less than one year, they are eligible for vacation on a prorated basis for that year. The worker is entiteld to receive payment in lieu of accrued vacation days at termination.

Sick Leave

A worker is entitled to 25 days of sick leave at full pay, 20 days at half pay and 20 days unpaid. The entitlement of a worker to sick leave on full or partial pay may be accummulated for a period not to exceed 240 days.

Working Hours

A standard workweek is 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. During Ramadan, Muslim workers may not work more than 6 hours per day or 36 hours per week. There are no exemptions or other restrictions on working time.


Workers are paid 125% of the normal wage for overtime during the day and 150% of the normal wage during night hours. Work done between 19:00 and 07:00 is classified as night work. Minors cannot work during the night period.


To terminate a worker without notice they must be convicted of any criminal offense or guilty of misconduct such as theft, giving/taking a bribe, fraud, willful disobedience or other similar convictions. An employer who desires to terminate a non-fixed term contract must do so for a valid reason and is obliged to serve a termination notice if it wishes to dismiss a worker that is not less than 30 days, or longer if stated in the worker's contract.

Mandatory Employer Costs

GOSI - the basis of the deduction is as follows - all workers pay 19% of their full salary inclusive of allowances (12% being employer share, 7% worker share). LMRA - a total amount of BD 449,000 will be paid to LMRA for a 2-year Flexi Permit once the Flexi permit application is completed at the LMRA Expat Service Center. This is a one-time cost. 


Compulsory health insurance for citizens beginning 1/1/2023 and for non-citizens later in the year 2023.

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When choosing an Employer of Record (EOR) service, people often make mistakes such as overlooking compliance, global reach, technology integration, company experience, and fee transparency. Watch this video to see what to consider when picking an EOR. 

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