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How to Hire Workers in Moldova | Employer of Record (EOR) in Moldova

Entering the Moldovan market? Our EOR services make it easy to establish your business in Moldova. We handle all aspects of local employment, including payroll, benefits, and compliance with Moldovan labor laws. With our expertise in the Moldovan market, you can confidently expand your business, knowing that you have a trusted partner managing your international employment requirements.

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Moldova, known for its picturesque vineyards, rich cultural heritage, and strategic location, is an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand internationally. TCWGlobal serves as your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of hiring in Moldova, offering comprehensive solutions for building your contingent workforce.


Worker Classifications

There are no official subcategories of Workers in Moldova.

Fixed-Term Contracts

Fixed-term contracts are permitted in Moldova and cannot exceed five years. The Worker must be informed in written form not less than 10 working days before the expiration date of the termination of the fixed-term employment contract. If none of the parties has provided notice of termination of the fixed-term employment contract, then the contract is considered prolonged for an indefinite term.

Probationary Periods

Fixed term contracts can have a probationary period of 15 calendar days for a contract between three and six months in length or 30 calendar days for a fixed term contract greater than six months in length. For indefinite contracts, the maximum probationary period is three months (six months for officials) and cannot be renewed. A Worker may be terminated during the probationary period without notice.


Workers recognize 13 public holidays. Workers are entitled to a paid day off in recognition of public holidays. If work is performed on a public holiday, the Worker is entitled to pay at 200% of wages.


Workers are entitled to not less than 28 calendar days of paid vacation after six months of continuous service. Vacation pay is due to the worker at least three days before the leave begins. If the Worker agrees in writing, then vacation can be taken in two parts, but one part cannot be less than 14 calendar days.  Accrued but unused leave must be paid at termination.

Sick Leave

Workers are entitled to five days of paid sick leave in the event of illness or injury verified by a medical certificate. After the fifth day of a nonwork related medical leave, the National Office of Social Insurance will handle calculations and payments to the Worker.

Working Hours

A standard workweek is 40 hours per week, eight hours per day. The maximum duration of daily work cannot exceed 10 hours. Within a workday, the Worker must be provided an unpaid meal break of not less than 30 minutes. Weekly rest is given for two days successively and is typically on Saturday and Sunday.


Overtime is payable at 150% for the first 2 hours a week and any hours after that are payable at 200% per week. A Worker may not exceed 120 hours of overtime in a year.

Mandatory Bonuses

There are no mandatory bonuses in Moldova.


Termination of a Worker is permissible with just cause or by mutual agreement.  The notice period will be between one to two months depending on the grounds for dismissal and Workers are generally eligible for severance pay which can vary depending on length of employment.


Workers must provide at least 14 calendar days' notice of resignation in writing.

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