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Key Factors to Consider when Choosing a VMS

A powerful Vendor Management System (VMS) can transform how an organization manages its contingent labor. VMS solutions vary, so consider these key factors when choosing one for your organization.

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TCWGlobal & StaffingNation

No matter how many bells and whistles a VMS  has, it can be difficult to adopt if it isn't user-friendly. A clunky user interface may also demotivate participation within your program on the supplier side.

StaffingNation by TCWGlobal was built with our core value of 'Beautiful Design' front and center. It's easy to navigate and built out with intuitive workflows because the point of using a VMS is to make things easier- not harder!

Dynamic & Customizable

The contingent workforce space is constantly changing - as is your organization! That means no matter how established, a static VMS isn’t best suited for your growth. TCWGlobal’s core value of 'Constant Alignment' is on full display with StaffingNation.

StaffingNation can be customized to your specific specs, workflows, user requirements, reporting, and more, all geared towards giving each user in your organization the specific visibility and transparency required to manage the contingent workforce effectively.

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Seamless Integration

If your Vendor Management System (VMS) operates in isolation, it risks becoming just another tool among many, requiring users to constantly switch and adapt. 

StaffingNation's powerful API-based integration platform allows for the seamless synchronization of various systems to automate data exchanges. This will help you solve problems like system access triggers and equipment issuance across multiple ticketing systems. Let the system work seamlessly for you - not against you.

Beyond Tools:
A Human Touch

A tool is only as good as its maker! TCWGlobal champions good old-fashioned customer service. You can expect real conversations, customized support, and a team that genuinely cares about your experience. When you utilize a VMS like StaffingNation, you don’t get a tool, you get a full support system for your organization.

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Insight & Visibility

Having complete visibility into your organization’s contingent workforce, including headcount, spending, and approvals, is vital.

StaffingNation stands out by covering all types of contingent workers— from payrolled to independent contractors, including SOWs and interns. It simplifies onboarding and compliance, offering insight into your contingent workforce's overall structure and details.

Talk With An Expert Now

Selecting a VMS is a significant decision for your organization that can pay major dividends. Need help understanding the contingent workforce space and how a VMS can be utilized by your organization? Reach out to our TCWGlobal Managed Service Provider (MSP) team to discuss today!

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