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A Powerful (And Unexpected!) Way to Increase Employee Happiness at Your Company

Chris Mefford
Post by Chris Mefford
May 8, 2024
A Powerful (And Unexpected!) Way to Increase Employee Happiness at Your Company

"We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share." — Maya Angelou. 

Recent findings from a Wondr Health survey resonate deeply with these poetic words from Maya Angelou: true happiness thrives on human connection and well-being.  These findings echo the results of the 85-year Harvard study, which identifies close relationships as fundamental to happiness and health.

So, why should companies care about their employee's personal and work relationships?

Nearly 500 individuals globally shared what makes them happiest, highlighting the universal value of connections:

  • Close Relationships and Human Connection: 30.1% are happiest when spending time with loved ones.
  • Physical and Emotional Health and Well-being: 21.5% find joy in pursuing health.
  • Engaging in Activities That Spark Joy: 16.8% are fulfilled by engaging activities, from hobbies to volunteering.
  • Financial Freedom: 12% see financial independence as crucial to their happiness.
  • Helping Others in Need: 11.2% are fulfilled by philanthropy and altruism.
  • Career Satisfaction and Fulfillment: 7.9% find joy in professional growth and achievements.
  • Other: 0.6% find happiness in unique ways.

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

At the end of the day, happy employees are more productive employees. They're also more passionate, they take greater ownership of their work, and they positively influence organizational culture.  

But happiness at work doesn’t just happen; it requires intentionality. This is exactly why having a strong company culture is so important, and it’s why we are so passionate about promoting meaningful work.

Although the Wondr survey showed that helping others contributes to only 11.2% of people’s overall happiness, it's clear that work-related philanthropic events fulfill many of the aspects people value most. Engaging in these activities can strengthen connections, spark joy, and boost self-esteem. 

The best part? It's simple for your company to get involved too! Partnering with local organizations and encouraging employee participation can have incredible results. 

Here are two examples of how we've involved our team in philanthropy this year, along with how they promoted relationship and connection. 

Cooper’s Christmas Village 

Last Christmas, we transformed our office into a Christmas wonderland, with each department decorating their area in themes from Polar Express to The Grinch to the Nativity. We then hosted "Cooper’s Christmas Village," inviting local partners like Olive Crest, the San Diego Rescue Mission, the Ronald McDonald House, Home Start, and the SDPD Midcity Juvenile Services Division to bring kids along to participate in the fun. Our employees' children were also welcomed, creating a family-friendly atmosphere that emphasized connection and community support. 

Easter With the Ronald McDonald House 

This past Easter, we hosted a special event for 26 children and their families from the Ronald McDonald House, who are currently undergoing treatment at Rady Children’s Hospital. The day was filled with fun activities like a bounce house, crafts, free frozen yogurt, and a special photo op with the Easter Bunny. Many TCWGlobal employees also brought their children, creating a strong sense of community and connection. 

A particularly moving moment was when we heard from a remarkable single mother whose family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for two years surrounding her infant daughter’s heart transplant and brain surgery. The Ronald McDonald House was there again when they were ready to move out, helping them transition to an apartment with essentials for their fresh start.  

Several TCWGlobal employees helped to plan the Easter party. A member of our Campus Joy team said:

“It’s fun to see it all finally come together and see kid’s faces light up. My family stayed in a Ronald McDonald house once, and I know that it is so helpful to give these kids fun events to look forward to.” 

VIBES: Creating a Culture of Giving Back 

We believe philanthropy doesn’t have to be overwhelming or grandiose. You don’t need to donate huge amounts of money or relocate to distant lands to make a difference. It’s about making an impact right where you are, showing care and presence. That’s why we emphasize that everyone at TCWGlobal can be a philanthropist, a nd we’re dedicated to providing opportunities for our team to engage in meaningful work. Moreover, with our charity match program, we're doubling the impact of our internal employees and global workers' donations to certified nonprofits, up to $5,000 per year. 

We aim to meet our clients' needs at TCWGlobal and go beyond. Our goal is to be the best employer of record worldwide and make our clients, workers, and community proud of the work we do. 

To learn more about VIBES and our charity match program, visit 


Chris Mefford
Post by Chris Mefford
May 8, 2024