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How a Company Wellness Initiative Helped Raise Over $10,000 for Charity

Susanna Fleming
Post by Susanna Fleming
June 12, 2024
How a Company Wellness Initiative Helped Raise Over $10,000 for Charity

How many miles, bench presses, squats, and red shoes does it take to raise $10,000? During our annual WellnessPalooza program, TCWGlobal employees found out! 


What is WellnessPalooza, you ask? WellnessPalooza is a month-long wellness initiative that has become a favorite tradition at TCWGlobal. Throughout the month, employees host workout classes and workshops—everything from yoga flows and cooking classes to biometric screenings and blood drives. This initiative not only promotes wellness and long-term physical health but also has a positive impact on our company culture and team morale. With over 90 percent of our employees (including remote workers) taking part in WellnessPalooza, this program has a remarkable participation rate!  

Expanding Our Focus 

WellnessPalooza typically centers around physical wellness, but this year, we decided to expand our wellness focus to include community health. This is where VIBES came into the mix. VIBES is TCWGlobal’s philanthropy program, through which we donate, volunteer, and invest in our community.  

Friday FUNdraisers for the Special Olympics 

Throughout the month of May, VIBES director Debbie Smith planned a series of WellnessPalooza ‘Friday FUNdraisers’ to support the Special Olympics. There was a jog-a-thon, a squat competition, a push-up challenge, and a bench press competition held in our on-site gym. For all four events, athletes collected pledges from their fellow TCWGlobal employees. 

The results were nothing short of impressive. TCWGlobal employees raised a total of $4,000 from their own contributions for the Special Olympics. And thanks to TCWGlobal’s charity match program, we were able to double that amount, offering $8,000 to the Special Olympics – a gift that is sure to make a huge impact! 

TCWGlobal employees raised a total of $4,000 from their own contributions for the Special Olympics

Red Shoe Day for Ronald McDonald House 

But it didn’t stop there! While WellnessPalooza was in full swing, TCWGlobal also focused on community health by participating in Red Shoe Day, Ronald McDonald House’s Day of giving.  

On May 22nd, TCWGlobal employees donned bright red t-shirts and hit the streets to collect donations for the San Diego Ronald McDonald House, supporting families with critically ill children. 

Our team’s enthusiasm was infectious, and TCWGlobal ended up raising $2,255 for Red Shoe Day prior to the event. The Ronald McDonald House is currently counting how much was raised on day-of donations, so we will soon be able to add even more to that total.  

Spread Good VIBES 

VIBES director Debbie Smith was ecstatic at the participation during the month of May. “It’s incredible how many employees got personally involved – not just the corporation!”  

This is what VIBES – and WellnessPalooza – are all about! Whether through weekly “Walkie-Talkie” company walks or fundraising fitness competitions, TCWGlobal’s goal with WellnessPalooza is holistic wellness. We want our employees to pursue physical health, relational health, and community health! 

And we extend this philosophy to our contingent workforce, as well. We offer all our full-time contingent workforce the same benefits and donation match opportunities as our in-house employees.  

Are you looking for ways to inspire community involvement among your team? Learn more about our VIBES program here 

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Susanna Fleming
Post by Susanna Fleming
June 12, 2024