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Co-Employment is Alive and Well: 10 Things Each Company Should Do to Protect Themselves!  

Co-employment risk should be evaluated by any company that utilizes outside talent. It doesn’t matter if that talent is ...

The Misclassification Audit Nightmare: What NOT to Do If You Are Audited

High-profile misclassification lawsuits are frequently in the news these days. This surge can be attributed to two main ...

Achieve Compliance with Our Comprehensive Independent Contractor Program: Read More

A Solution to the “Five Degrees of Independent Contractor Misclassification”

5 Simple Advantages of Being a W2 Compared to a 1099 Independent Contractor

Five Key Benefits of Choosing W-2 Status Over 1099 Independent Contracting How did you come to be a 1099 Independent ...

Does B2B protect you from AB5?

The 12 "must-haves" in order for a B2B to qualify under AB5. Following the enactment of AB5, there has been a large increase ...

What You Need to Know About California's Assembly Bill 5 - AB5

PEO vs. HRIS : Here's What You Should Know

Australia Increases Superannuation Fund Rate for Better Retirement Savings

Benefits of Contract Labor Versus Normal Workforce

Benefits of Contract Labor Versus Normal Workforce What You Need to Know

Why Being Compliant Is Better Than “Saving Money” Every Time!

Beware of an EOR service that sounds too good to be true. UPDATE July 28, 2023 U.S. REP. ADAM SCHIFF URGES DEPT. OF LABOR TO ...

Labor Contractor Employee Reports

What You Need to Know About Requesting an Extension for Labor Contractor Employee Reports

Building an Intern Program: 6 Steps From Employer of Record Experts

Internships have been around for ages, so why are they still so important today? Internships are a great way to unlock ...