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Every Worker Counts: TCWGlobal's 401(k) Plans for All

Ashley Lockart
Post by Ashley Lockart
April 23, 2024
Every Worker Counts: TCWGlobal's 401(k) Plans for All

At TCWGlobal, we believe that everyone deserves a shot at saving up for retirement. Here’s why!


Imagine you've been working part-time for some time now while juggling parenthood and building your side business. Every day feels like a delicate balancing act as you navigate between caring for your family, nurturing your entrepreneurial aspirations, and fulfilling your work commitments.


With all these commitments, planning for your retirement seems somewhat daunting. You recognize the importance of taking proactive steps to ensure financial security for yourself and your family, but where do you begin when your part-time job doesn’t offer retirement benefits? How can you make meaningful progress towards your retirement goals while balancing the demands of your daily life?


We're Dedicated to the Financial Well-Being of Your Contingent Workers


That's where we come in! TCWGlobal is dedicated to the financial well-being and long-term security of our workers. We're not just talking about support; we're taking real steps to help people plan for the future!


We Invest in the Financial Future of Your Contingent Workers

Annual 401(k) Bonus: To directly support retirement goals, we provide an annual 401(k) bonus to our contingent workers who contribute to their 401(k) plan. This year, we've distributed over $100,000 in bonuses to help workers increase their retirement savings. 

Inclusive 401k Plan: Our plan is available to all workers, regardless of whether they work part-time or full-time. Workers also have access to a team of financial professionals who are available to explain investment options within the 401(k) plan.

Virtual Education Sessions: We connect workers with live monthly webinars (run by EMPOWER)  where participants can learn about money management, investing, and retirement planning. These sessions are designed to empower workers with the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions. 


401(k) Plan Fast Facts

1. Our 401(k) plan is open to all contingent workers- regardless of hours worked or full-time/part-time status.

2. Workers are eligible to enroll after 60 days of employment, and contributions begin the first day of the following quarter. Once initial waiting period has been met, workers can enroll at any time!

3. Everyone has access to a team of financial professionals who are available to help explain the investment options within the 401(k) plan. Contingent workers can work one-on-one with our plan advisor.

4. Workers can change their contribution rate at any time! They are not locked with a set deferral rate.

5. We allow plan rollovers from previous employers. 

6. We Offer both traditional pre-tax and ROTH contributions.

7. We offer a $500 bonus for eligible external workers (learn more here).

We're Intentional About Benefits Around Here!

At TCWGlobal, we're intentional about how we value our workers and invest in their futures. To learn more about our inclusive 401(k) plan, click here


Questions? We would love to connect with you! Send our team an email at and we'll get back to you shortly!


Ashley Lockart
Post by Ashley Lockart
April 23, 2024