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Steering Through Uncertainty: HR Tactics for Strengthening Your Contingent Workforce During Economic Downturns or A Recession

Post by TCWGlobal
November 29, 2023
Steering Through Uncertainty: HR Tactics for Strengthening Your Contingent Workforce During Economic Downturns or A Recession

Navigating the Tough Times: Bold HR Strategies to Empower and Fortify Your Contingent Workforce Amidst Economic Turbulence and Recession

When the economy looks shaky, it's crucial for businesses to quickly adjust to stay on top. With worries about a possible recession, businesses are looking for ways to protect themselves and keep an advantage over others. While some organizations may not have felt any impact yet, it's crucial for Human Resources departments to be proactive and ready to address potential challenges. HR teams should have strategies in place to mitigate any adverse effects on the company and its workforce if the economic situation worsens.

When revenue trends down, internal murmur about lay-offs can trickle through the organization, and begin a downward trend of worry and angst amongst the workforce. This may result in a drop in performance and quality of work the organization is accustomed to. But how can an organization respond to not become a casualty of the market, economy, or internal turmoil?

There is no exact science as to how to get through a recession unscathed, however, organizations should remain “human” in understanding the needs of the workforce, while also balancing the business goals of the company to ensure it continues to flourish. To do that, organizations must keep the workforce engaged, remain consistent, and prepare for changes, all while holding strong to the core values that make the organization successful.



Engagement is not a luxury; it's a critical lifeline that keeps the workforce motivated and productive, especially during financial downturns. By investing in worker engagement strategies, companies can encourage a sense of belonging and purpose. Let’s explore cost-effective engagement techniques that not only drive performance but also bolster morale and job satisfaction.

Engaging workers will continue to ensure that the staff is working at their very best and optimal levels. If there is downtime, encourage innovation along with personal and professional development. Even during times of financial instability, there are cost-effective ways to train and retool the workforce, such as internal development opportunities or programs like LinkedIn Learning that offer free complimentary trials. Empower workers to take charge and be proactive in finding areas of improvement across the organization. Having workers review workflows, projects, and processes to seek improvement will foster a culture of ownership and commitment to the overall goals and objectives of the company.

And finally, in a digitally connected world, remote engagement has also become a significant aspect of the modern workplace. Utilizing virtual collaboration tools and platforms can help maintain a sense of unity and teamwork, even when face-to-face interactions are limited. Encouraging virtual team-building exercises and online recognition can help bridge the physical divide, keeping employees aligned and invested in the company's mission. And that’s important when times get tough.





Consistency is the bedrock upon which trust and reliability are built within an organization. Sticking firmly to your main principles and being open and clear in how you communicate is essential for keeping things running smoothly and steadily.

Consistency and communication enable the workers to understand the company's expectations and objectives. Remain vigilant and transparent in the company vision and internal communications to ensure all teams are working at optimal levels. If expectations and objectives are not met, address them immediately to prevent any drop-in service or performance. Remind workers of their contributions and what it means to the overall success of the company.



Change is inevitable, and preparation is key to turning potential disruptions into opportunities for growth. Let's talk about why it's important to plan ahead and use adaptable ways of running things to deal with possible future changes well.

Use this opportunity to retool, reskill, or plan for potential upcoming changes. Set up teams to handle the upcoming challenges without putting the organization in a dilemma. Strategize and prepare for what the organization would look like in the event of sudden change. In addition, ensure the correct personnel are positioned strategically to continue pushing organizational goals and objectives.

If there is a need due to a staffing shortage, contingent workers are a great option. Contingent workers will reduce the administrative burden of hiring and provides flexibility for the needs of the organization. The time and costs involved in the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of a contingent worker is significantly less than a regular employee while also filling the specialized skills that may be needed for specific projects. Contingent workers will allow organizations to respond to the ever-changing economy and adapt to market conditions more effectively and quickly.

By fostering a culture that values agility and adaptability, companies can equip themselves to pivot quickly in response to shifting markets and opportunities, ensuring they remain resilient in the face of economic uncertainty.



The trio of engagement, consistency, and preparation represents a strategic approach to enduring economic turbulence. While no company ever wants to endure these rough periods, practicing these three key elements of engagement, consistency, and preparation will better equip the organization to tackle the potential upcoming challenges, and persevere.

TCWGlobal is here for you. With an extensive team of legal and HR professionals, we are committed to providing top-tier employer of record services. Our track record of being named the best place to work ten times is a testament to our expertise in managing and inspiring contingent workforces and teams effectively. Don't hesitate to reach out to TCWGlobal for support that can help your organization thrive.

Post by TCWGlobal
November 29, 2023