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Welcome to TCWGlobal: Where We’re More Than Just a Workplace

Post by TCWGlobal
November 20, 2023
Welcome to TCWGlobal: Where We’re More Than Just a Workplace

TCWGlobal Wins Best Place to Work

TCWGlobal, a global employer of record, is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as one of The San Diego Union-Tribune’s Top Workplaces in 2023. This accolade is a testament to our commitment to our team’s well-being and professional growth.

This isn’t just an award for us; it’s a reflection of our heart and soul. It’s about how we treat our team, and it gives you a glimpse into how we’ll care for your contingent workforce with the same dedication.

Our Office: A Place You’d Love to Work In

When we thought about bringing our team back to the office, we didn’t just want to create a workspace. We wanted to build a second home. Our CEO Samer Khouli, with a vision in mind, transformed our office into a haven of comfort and innovation. Imagine relaxing in massage chairs, grabbing a bite of free food, or celebrating milestones with a glass of champagne from our special achievement champagne lounge. These little things make big differences in our daily work life.

Our Culture: Empowerment and Giving Back

One thing we always hear from our team is how much they love the empowerment and sense of belonging here. We’re not just about work; we’re about making a difference. From providing time for charity work to matching donations, we believe in giving back to the community that has given us so much.

Meet Two of Our Team Stars: Alex and Katelyn

I’d love to introduce you to two shining members of our TCWGlobal family - Alex Olivas and Katelyn Alatorre. Alex, who leads our staffing team, truly appreciates the sense of achievement and fellowship that comes from our collaborative work environment. He finds joy and motivation in the team’s collective successes and the strong bonds formed along the way.

Katelyn, a powerhouse in our global operations team, thrives in our office’s energetic and cooperative atmosphere. She discovered her perfect rhythm working alongside colleagues, where ideas flow freely, and teamwork is at its best.

Their experiences reflect the lively and supportive culture we pride ourselves on here at TCWGlobal. It’s not just about our work; it’s about the people who make it happen and the nurturing environment we create together.


Our Global Footprint and Local Heart

Though we operate in over 150 countries, our heart remains local, especially in our charity efforts. We believe in supporting our team in their philanthropic endeavors, offering paid volunteer time and matching their charitable contributions. This policy is one of the many ways we show our commitment to societal impact.

The Perks That Make Us Unique

Beyond the engaging office space, we also offer comprehensive benefits like a substantial healthcare plan, a competitive 401(k) plan, childcare support, and educational savings plans. These benefits are part of our commitment to our team’s overall well-being. And when the team is happy, they do fantastic work for our clients. 

Our Eco-Friendly Approach

And in our quest to be better corporate citizens, we’ve embraced sustainability with solar panels and composting initiatives. We believe in doing our part for the planet, just as we do for our people.

Final Thoughts

At TCWGlobal, taking care of our team is at the core of everything we do. This award as a Top Workplace is a nod to our culture and values. It’s a promise of the care and commitment we extend to your contingent workforce. After all, we believe in creating an environment where everyone thrives - our team and yours.

Give us a call, and learn more about who we are and what we can do for you!

Post by TCWGlobal
November 20, 2023